Easy Use
You can create tables and graphics with an easy drag and drop movement in seconds.It is fast, flexible, easy and takes seconds. You don’t need to have a deep technical knowledge to be able to use it generate your reports.
Connect with different databases
NoviBİ enables you to report your data of different databases in a single platform and to access relational database and warehouses directly.
Institutional Memory
It enables you to gather your reports all in one place. You can create your company’s institutional memory by creating projects and folders with the help of analysis and reports library.

Business Intelligence and

Business Analytics

Today, competition does not define boundaries. In order to be successful  in a competitive environment, it is necessary to respond quickly to changing market conditions by taking quick decisions.

Knowledge is the most important and most powerful value for organizations. For sustainable competitive advantage, it has become necessary to use the power of knowledge more effectively and to integrate information directly into business processes for more accurate decisions.

With the rapid development of technology, various data flows from the operational systems, vendors, sales organizations, markets and social media to the companies.Since this data is usually generated in different software, it is difficult to manage, analyze and also time consuming.


Quıck Access To The

True Knowledge…

Big Data puts a massive work load on the Information Technologies and Reporting departments of the companies making it difficult for decision makers to reach the true knowledge fast.

Data can only be transformed into meaningful knowledge when it is compiled with the right viewpoints. It is when it can serve for the decision support mechanism.

Looking at how the process flows is that, data transforms into knowledge, knowledge is interpreted, interpretation transforms into a decision and the decision transforms into action. This is when we can say there is a real decision support mechanism.

Business intelligence enables organizations to use their resources more efficiently by transforming data into knowledge. It helps increase operational efficiency and supports more efficient use of resources.


NoviBI by gathering data from different sources,

  • Supports you with fast and flexible inquiry,
  • Analyzes with complete and accurate data, data analysis without the need of IT support,
  • Follows up the company performance operationally and financially,
  • It also enables you to analysize the problems – achievements, and revise the strategy accordingly.

Business intelligence applications add value to many sectors such as finance, telecommunication, retail, and manifacturing. They provide competitive advantages for companies of all sizes.

Organizations can increase productivity by re-planning their workflows by analysing and with the reports provided by business intelligence systems. They can save money by seeing unnecessary expenses, and gain a competitive edge by foreseeing business opportunities


NoviBI is dynamic…

NoviBI is dynamic and enables companies to make fast and accurate decisions.It allows fast and reliable access to data which is needed for strategic planning and evaluating the results of the strategies they implement.

It is a reporting tool  that helps companies make efficent decisions and optimize the work performance.

Its easy and flexible use lets you create quick reports and visualize your data.

It provides an unlimited number of database connections, allowing you to create and analyze numerous reports for data stored in disparate environments.


MySQL in the US and other countries are registered trademarks of ORACLE Inc.
SQL Server, Excel, Access is a registered trademark of Microsoft Inc.
DB2 is a registered trademark of IBM Inc.

Connect with Different Databases


provides a platform where you can tranform your data into knowledge and report. It is integrated with the databases ( MS, SQL, ORACLE, MySQL ) of the  systems that may already be installed such as ERP software, and special software solutions.


NoviBI and DashBoard

NoviBI offers you the ideal infrastructure for generating data summaries, solving, searching, and presenting.

It provides a platform where users can customize the sections in the data repository according to their needs, use all sections conversationally in order to filter the data, make spreadsheets, and pivotcharts.

It enables you :

  • to inquire a vast amount of data in a variety of ways in a easy to manage platform.
  • To sum the total and subtotal of the numeric data, summarize the data by using categories and subcatogiries, and formulate using special calculations.
  • To widen and condense the level of data in order to focus your results, and reaching the details through data summaries according to where you want to focus.
  • To move the lines to coloumns or coloumns to lines ( summarizing) in order to see different summaries of source data
  • To create sections by using the Expression editor on the design screen that are measured according to your criteria.

NoviBI has many other features.

  • It helps you visualize your date by its dashboard and rich tool set
  • You can create interactive business intelligence boards for Windows, Web, and mobile devices.
  • You can track the current job performance data efficiently by using visual tools.
  • You can design according to the needs and routines of the users
  • You can go in details of the data by using drill down. With one click, you can go into all the visual data summaries and reach its details.

Dynamic Filtering

You can ensure that all visual elements work together, and you can click on any element in the desired element to filter the other elements in the dashboard to your selection.

Multilayer data notation: You can create multiple layers with a visual data summary, bringing a different layer on the screen with just one click.

Show Detailed Data: By clicking on any visual data summary, you can see how the result is formed and a list of what detailed data is used. With map graphics, you can visually monitor the distribution of your data by city or country.

NoviBI provides you with the key performance indicators ( KPI ) to monitor business performance across the organization.


NoviBI and Mobile

End users can access, view, and analyze reports within their authorized area whenever they want, from anywhere using mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc. via an internet browser without ever having to be in the Office physically.


Model Application FINANCE

Company Culture

NoviBI provides widespread use within the company through role-based possibilities offered for all departments such as finance, logistics, production, marketing.

Users can manage their processes by making inquiries and analyzing on the basis of their roles and contribute to the formation of knowledge based culture of their companies.


Model Application AUTOMOTIVE

Connect With Different Databases

What people expect from business intelligence applications is to transform data into knowledge and get meaningful results. This also helps improve the performance in the business area. Today people use  numerous software solutions to cater the needs of different work processes. NoviBI is a tool that offers gateways to your business.It provides you with a single point of access to the software solutions used within the company  and supports decision-making and analysing independent of information sources.



Just On Time

Companies are competing over time to increase their performance for business decisions, or to take precautions for the risks that may arise.

It is vital to reach the true knowledge on time to be able to make decisions.  NoviBI makes it possible to assess the company’s software system in an integrated manner and access instant knowledge.


Model Application RETAIL

Mobile Usage

Today, rapidly changing economic factors are leading individuals and institutions to use mobile devices to run and track their businesses. The number of people who travel frequently, work from home, from the field or who rearly come to office is increasing rapidly. It is vital to manage time and make efficent use of it. The mobile infrastructure NoviBI provides, eases your life and allows you to work mobile.


Novi Technology
NoviBI is a product of Novi Tecnology

Information Technology has been the most important component of the rapidly growing World. It plays a vital role for our country by shaping its infrastructure for the future developments.In order for our country to be successful in its global extension policy and to raise its market size in international areas , it needs an infrastructure which is manageable, open to improvement and will allow it to keep track of its operations. That is Information Technology

With our long years of IT experience , we are a company which develops solutions and offers them to its  customers.

Our office is  in the Uludağ University Technology Development Centre -ULUTEK- which enables us to get the most of its R&D and the academic support of the University.By using its knowledge , Novi Technology is  producing user friendly products with economic pricing systems.

Why NoviBI ? By using NoviBI Bussiness Intelligence and Decision Support System, we transform our data of farm and herd management processes into knowledge. By using NoviBI, we have strengthened our business continuity and productivity. This also helped us strengthen our corporate operations.
SÜTAŞ GRUBU - Business Development Manager
NoviBI Bussiness Intelligence and Decision Support System enables us to prepare complicated reports in a very short time. We can integrate data from different data bases and softwares in our company and can transform them into meaningful knowledge. This helps us be sure of the usage of real time and instant knowledge in our decision making processes.
FOMPAK Automotive Plasitics Interiors - Quality Manager

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